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Device for face care at home


DiaDens-Cosmo allows you to heal your facial skin at home: to restore quality nourishment and protection of the skin in a natural way, to improve quickly your appearance and to maintain the health of your skin for many years to come. During the application of the DiaDens-Cosmo, the therapy is conducted by means of electrical impulses of low energy range and frequency. The impulses affect the facial skin, thus improving the blood circulation, excretion of toxins, and metabolic processes; as a result, the skin looks natural, healthy and attractive. DiaDens-Cosmo is very easy to use DiaDens-Cosmo has two completely automatic programs – ‘Nourishment’ and ‘Lymphatic drainage’: 1. The use of the “Nourishment” mode: activates the skin’s metabolic processes, removes acne, prevent wrinkles; stimulates production of collagen and elastin by cells; enhances the effect of the active ingredients of a beauty mask; makes the skin look fresh and healthy. The “Nourishment” mode can be used both for prompt achievement of cosmetic effect and for a continual preventive skin therapy. 2. The use of the “Lymphatic drainage” mode: alleviates puffiness and improve plasticity of the facial skin; face lift through enhancement of skin elasticity and strengthening of face muscles. enhances microcirculation processes in face; DiaDens-Cosmo microcurrents effect the facial skin through an electrode mask with a current conductive coating. To ensure steady and quality exposure of microcurrents and to improve cosmetic effect, one of the specially formulated beauty masks should be applied to the skin under the electrode mask: Nourishing mask with oceanic fish roe extract – for application in the ‘Nourishment’ mode of the device. Promotes moisturizing and nourishment of the skin, prevents its premature aging. Nourishing mask with swallow’s nest extract – for application in the ‘Nourishment’ mode of the device. Shows whitening, nourishing and rejuvenating effect in the skin. Enzymes of this mask softly peel cellular debris off the skin surface, smoothing it out. Moisturizing and purifying mask – for application in the ‘Nourishment’ mode of the device. Softens the skin epilayer, promotes pore contraction and prevents inflammation through its antibacterial properties. Napkin mask – for application in the “Lymphatic drainage” mode. Before application the mask is to be dampened with a saline solution (0.9% NaCl solution) or 1% solution of Carlsbad mineral salt. The DiaDens-Cosmo should be fastened to the hand and connected by a cable to the electrode mask. Specifications of the DiaDens-Cosmo:
  • Power supply – LR6/AA battery – 2 pcs.
  • Pulse repetition frequency:
  • in the ‘Nourishment’ mode – 100Hz;
  • in the ‘Lymphatic drainage’ mode – 50 & 100Hz.
  • Net weight : 0,66 lbs (0,3 kg).
  • Dimensions: 300 x 100 x 35 mm.
  • Compliance with standards: This medical device is CE marked according to the Directive 93/42 /ЕЕС on medical equipment.
List of Equipment:
  • DiaDens-Cosmo device with a cuff electrode – 1;
  • Electrode mask -1;
  • Cable – 1;
  • “‘Nourishing and purifying” DiaDens-Cosmo beauty mask – 6;
  • Cuff extension-1;
  • Operating Manual – 1;
  • Battery – 2.
Warranty: 2 years Accessories available for DiaDens-Cosmo 1. Electrode mask and Beauty masks Downloads available: 1. Certificates 2. Operation manual (Size 2,4 MB, PDF) 3. Presentation of DiaDens-Cosmo (Size 0,8 MB, PDF) Note, you need “Adobe Reader” to open this document Comments 1. Posted by k_mpii at 13:23, November 8 2013 I have taken my first six-day course with DiaDENS -Cosmo with moisturizing masks. I am very pleased and the skin got lifted and softer. I work as a landscape designer and spend a lot of time in the sun which is not always good for the skin. But now my complexion is smoother and in general my face looks better. I should add I have received not only good initial results of improving facial skin but also a great side effect. I had a terrible headaches but after the procedure with DiaDENS -Cosmo, the headache was gone. Elena Stevens, Columbus, Ga 2. Posted by juoip at 13:15, November 8 2013 From all masks I liked the most is moisturizing mask. And immediately after the session I had a feeling of lifting up the face (somewhere in the back of the head), the corners of the mouth got raised, the eyes got widely opened. After the procedure you can wash you face by running water but the skin is getting dry and than put cream on it or just wipe by the cloth – this way the skin is not getting dry. Somewhere in 30-40 minutes after the session – a healthy glow and silky skin, nice. Janet Williams, Hollywood, Fl 3. Posted by finryrt at 06:33, November 4 2013 It all started when I saw the result of DiaDENS -Cosmo on my friend … and I wanted very much to have the same personal beautician .. I took a procedure with the masks – first day with hydrating and the next day- nourishing and the result was super. My skin got fresher , livelier and even lighter. On the third day I took with anti-aging mask and really liked the result. I have a large, dark circles under my eyes since the youth – it’s hereditary (my mother and my grandmother had), and so these circles went away from the outer edge and remained small arc from the bridge of the nose. Now , while taking procedures with the device, I turn on my favorite music and relax. Familiar pay attention to my face … … So, the changes are visible. Linda Rister, Columbus, Ga